2018 AHECTA Student Production Award Information & Guidelines



The 2018 AHECTA Student Production Award for Social Impact is given to the student (or team) who presents the best 90-second story highlighting a topic of social interest on their campus or in their community.

Who Can Enter:

This video contest is open to all students (legal residents of the 50 United States, plus the District of Columbia) enrolled in an AHECTA institution during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Students can submit productions produced for course work, student television stations, classes, or their own original productions.

Submission Guidelines

Categories: The 2018 AHECTA SPA has no separate categories. One video winner will be chosen by our Judges Panel; we will also have an Audience Choice winner. All video stories are encouraged and welcomed.

Length: 90 seconds or less.
Students are welcome to use footage from a longer piece to create their 90-second SPA entry. Students are also welcome to create their 90-second SPA entry from scratch, with no relation to any longer or larger piece or story.

Format: Any downloadable and/or publicly-viewable video format (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram). For downloadable video, we prefer MP4 or MOV.

How to Submit:

1) Download, complete, and sign the 2018-AHECTA-SPA-Release-Form (PDF, will open in a new tab). Make sure you include the URL to your video!

2) Email the completed 2018 AHECTA SPA Release Form to the address noted at the top of the form. Without this form, we cannot process your submission!

3) For questions about the submissions process, contact us.

Judging Criteria:

Each submission will be judged by AHECTA’s Judges Panel, live at our annual conference.

Entries will be judged on a combination of creativity, technical merit,  thematic cohesion, and presentation.

Prize Information:

There is one (1) Judges’ Prize. The Judges’ Prize consists of:

* $2100 cash award (check made out to the principal student who submits the release form)

* commemorative certificate(s) to all video collaborators named on the release form

* commemorative plaque, sent to the institutional representative indicated on the release form

* Bonus! Thanks to our generous sponsor, CheddarU, winners may be invited to have your video broadcast on the CheddarU channel and AHECTA campuses across the country!

Additionally, there is one (1) Audience Choice Prize. The Audience Choice Prize consists of:

* $210 cash award (check made out to the principal student who submits the release form)

It is possible for the same video to win both the Judges’ Prize and the Audience Choice Prize.

Winners will be notified by email no later than October 11, 2018. Winners must accept their prize by October 20, 2018.

About Group Entries:

We accept group entries. Each group should elect one representative (a Primary Director) to submit their video, and to submit the 2018 Authorization Release Form. If a group entry is selected as a winner, the monetary prize award will be awarded in full to the Primary Director unless other arrangements are made during the confirmation process.


Contact current SPA Chair Mayumi Hirtzel at hirtzel@upenn.edu.


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