What is AHECTA?

The Association for Higher Education Communications Technology Advancement – AHECTA – is a formal organization of technologists and support specialists supporting an industry unique to traditional academia: communications technology, with a specialization in video. There is no one model for how we go about our day-to-day mission of service delivery; our campus operations take on many different shapes and forms. What we share is our desire to provide our campus communities the best level of service we can within legal, staffing, and budgetary constraints.

Who is AHECTA for?

AHECTA membership is for professionals who are engaged in the development, improvement, and integration of communications technology needs and services in higher education, including:

  • Video technologists
  • Video producers
  • Network engineers
  • Technology support specialists
  • Vendor relationship managers
  • Client engagement professionals

What does AHECTA do?

AHECTA’s primary goals are to foster conversation, to promote collaboration, and to share learning and teaching experience about the wide-ranging and cross-sectional applications of digital communications technology as instructional, informational, and entertainment tools in higher education.

What can AHECTA do for me?

When you’re a member of AHECTA, you are part of the only national organization addressing the ever-growing industry of video communications – and all those words entail – in higher education today. Got an issue involving video distribution, production, hardware, regulations, technology, infrastructure, troubleshooting, or maintenance? We can help! Concerned about accessibility, emergency alert systems, or meeting client demands? We have answers! Curious about digital signage, maker spaces, integrating end user technology, or finding the right vendor for your next project or service? We know where to go, what to do, and who to contact.

AHECTA provides our members with the information, tools, and skills to collaborate collegially, and excel professionally.

Active membership in AHECTA offers unique and unlimited access to a knowledge base of professionals across the country, who are dedicated to improving and innovating communications technology services to best meet the growing demands of the higher education community. AHECTA provides an annual learning engagement conference where members learn, teach, share experiences, and create and foster invaluable relationships with institutional peers and industry vendors across the country. Additionally, AHECTA promotes several in-person and online educational opportunities for our membership, through our corporate partners and their colleagues.

Become an AHECTA Member, or contact us for more information!