Those of us who have been in the business of delivering campus television, programming, and video delivery services to students know that our various on-campus operations take many different unique shapes and forms; there is clearly no one model for how we go about our day to day routine of service delivery. What we all share, however, is our desire to give our campus communities the best level of service we can within legal, staffing, and budgetary restraints.

Until now, we have found support for our efforts through networking with our colleagues at conferences and via telephone conversations; many of us have found that e-mail has become a necessary resource for advice and support. The Association for Higher Education Communications Technology Advancement is a formal support system for those of us involved in a field that is unique to traditional academia.

As a group, we represent a small industry within higher education, yet we are clearly growing in numbers. Join us while we are still young and move forward with us as we grow into a powerful organization of video professionals! Your initial membership includes access to the AHECTA Members-Only Google Group, a membership directory, discounts for attending or exhibiting at our annual conference, the opportunity for our corporate members to place advertising banners on the main page of, and the support of a group of people who are truly dedicated to the future of campus video delivery, programming, production, collaboration, and its integration into the academic community!

In addition to the shared resources and networking opportunities at the annual conference, here are some benefits of of joining AHECTA:

  • Access to an exclusive Google Group of interactive and online communication amongst members
  • Discounts on registration or exhibition at the annual conference
  • Informational and educational webinars exclusively for members
  • Support by a group of professionals dedicated to the future of cable television and production, and new video initiatives on university and college campuses.
  • Membership in a community that includes 400 individuals representing approximately 85 institutional members and 25 corporate members.


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