Dues Information

Your membership includes access to the AHECTA Members-only Google Group, a membership directory, discounts for attending or exhibiting at our annual conference, the opportunity for our corporate members to place advertising banners on the main page of ahecta.org, and the support of a group of people who are truly dedicated to the future of campus video delivery, programming, production, collaboration, and its integration into the academic community!

For more information, please e-mail Jim Manke, jrmanke@associationsolutionsinc.com 


Membership Rates:



Open to any institution of higher learning.

Institutional membership allows for unlimited representatives from each campus. One representative is designated as the voting rep and is entitled to participate in AHECTA elections. All other benefits are enjoyed by all representatives.

To become an institutional member, please fill out our online Membership Application Form.

AHECTA Institutional membership dues (yearly) can be paid using our online form.



Open to any company or corporation.

To become a corporate member, please fill out our online Corporate Membership Application Form.

AHECTA Corporate membership dues (yearly) can be paid using our online form.

Once you become a corporate member, you can sign up to be an AHECTA Conference Sponsor/Exhibitor.  Click here for the sponsorship/exhibitor enrollment form. Click here to see the AHECTA Conference Sponsorship Value Chart.