2019 Call for Proposals

Now accepting conference proposals for AHECTA 2019!

Submit your 2019 AHECTA learning session proposal online.
Deadline is August 1, 2019 extended through August 12, 2019.

After completing the form, use the ‘Submit’ button to email it to us.  If easier than retyping your abstract, there is an option (below the box that requests your abstract to be typed in) to upload a word document. If you do not receive a confirmation from Ms Kathi Schlieff that we have received your proposal, please contact her at kschlieff@associationsolutionsinc.com

Submission of a proposal does not guarantee acceptance/inclusion of the presentation in current conference planning or in the final conference agenda.

Past popular topics have included:

* Technology Advancements: How are you using technology to advance, support, and innovate your campus classrooms and residences? Does your reach extend to the outside community? What apps do you use to help reach a more global audience?

* Emergency Alert Systems (EAS): What gear or services do you rely on to keep your community safe?

* Requirements and Laws: “Don’t sue me!” Do you know the latest laws, regulations, and rulings when it comes to creating, using, and sharing video on campus and beyond?

* Network Robustness: Campus networks both internal and outward-facing are under constant pressure to perform faster, with better security, and to be “always-on”. How does your network measure up? What do you want your colleagues to know about supporting a network that needs to support ever-increasing (and increasingly more demanding) video?

* Live Video: From big-time events like commencement ceremonies to more secure interactions requiring privacy protocols, everyone is using video to connect to one another and to the world. How is your campus engaging users with live video?

* Future Prospects: Everybody’s curious about the next big technology leap for the online and in-person classroom. Is it Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobile Applications, 5G, or something else entirely? We want to hear from you!

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 AHECTA Annual Conference, October 7-9, at Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, on the campus of Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, Georgia. Register here.