How to Subscribe to the AHECTA Forum without a Gmail Email Address

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You do not need a GMAIL account to create a Google account.

If you do not have a Google account, you will need to create one using the email address you wish to subscribe to the group with.  If you already have a Google or GMAIL account skip to JOINING THE AHECTA MEMBERS GROUP below.

Go to:

If you do not have any Google accounts you will not see any accounts listed.

Click “Use another account.”

Enter the email address you wish to use to set up your account:

Click Create Account.  Enter your First and Last Name.

Ensure the email address entered is the email address you entered above.

Enter and confirm a password.

Click Next.

Google will send a verification code to the email entered above.  Continue to follow the instructions to set up your account.  This will involve entering a phone number and other info to verify that it is you and to recover your password if forgotten.



Once you have successfully created the Google account, go to:!forum/ahecta_members

Click the Sign In button on the top right of page.

Choose the account you want to use to join AHECTA members group:

Select your preferred email address to subscribe to the group. Once you select which account you will see:

When you click “apply to join this group” you will see the following screen:


Once a manager approves your request to join you will receive an email from the group:

Click “Visit the Group”.

Sign in using the account you set up to join the group.

You can manage your email preferences using the tab indicated below:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are sent an invitation to join AHECTA from one of the Group’s managers you will need to follow the steps for CREATING A GOOGLE ACCOUNT (at the top of this page) if you don’t have one already associated with your email address.

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