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CATV Signal Leakage has always been a problem for CATV system operators. From both a signal quality concern, and a FCC mandate that leakage cannot exceed a given amount. With recent ‘reminders’ from the FCC, it has become even more important for college campuses, who run their own systems, to look for, find, and resolve leaks in their CATV distribution system.

In the past, many campus systems were simply extensions of a local franchise system; and the franchise operator would do all of the necessary leakage testing and FCC reporting. Then, when a leak was detected, either by a ‘Fly-Over’ test or one of their trucks driving by, they would notify the campus, and often assist in locating the problem causing the excessive RF leak.

Now: more and more of us are standing on our own, with our own head-ends and signal acquisition equipment, making ourselves what is called an MVPD, or Multichannel Video Programming Distributor. The recent FCC reminder is aimed at us – those who manage these systems – to point out that we too are legally responsible for maintaining our systems in a manner that will minimize RF leakage in the aeronautical bands.

This page has been created to try to bring together, in one place, links that will provide all of the information you need to:

– Perform the necessary FCC reporting

– Understand leakage and why it can cause problems in certain RF bands

– How to find leaks, and fix them

– Common problems in a CATV system that can cause leaks
We should start with the recent Public Notice from the FCC:
More articles on the recent ‘crack-down’:
For Bill Naviar’s presentation on signal leakage, please click here.

Information on IMCC’s website:

Read here for a description of the signal leakage detection process at Texas Christian University

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